I’m Adding to the Shop

I feel like I’ve gotten my motivation back. I am going to figure out this balance of time thing and get my shop going again. I started by finishing up some crayon rolls.


I just love crayon rolls! They make the perfect gift for any occasion. I find that parents really like them too. They seem just as excited as the kids. Continue reading I’m Adding to the Shop

Instagram My Instablog

I always have my phone with me. Wait, you do too!? Crazy, right? We just need to be ready, to be connected. There is just so much going on all of the time. We are so busy and we don’t want to miss a thing or a person. Well, I’m not busy ALL of the time. I mean I do live in Hawaii and have totally adopted the island life. Did you know that my phone has a camera? What!? Yours does too!? Really, I should say my camera has a phone. Technology is so crazy amazing! Anyways back to being busy and having my phone. I had baby number six a month ago so I have been sitting a lot…nursing…and…nursing…and…well just sitting.

2015-02-09 11.25.01

I can only look at my colorful rug for so long or admire my sweet baby for so long before the hormones take over and I start to fall asleep or I start obsessing about all of the little messes around me that seven people can make. I need to be stimulated by new things. I have found that Instagram feeds that need for looking at new and pretty things. I like to look at pretty things on Etsy too but that just makes me want to spend money.

2015-01-29 07.49.23

I have found it difficult to sit in front of my computer to write a post. We won’t go over how long it’s been since my last one. Instagram lets me post while I’m sitting here nursing and I can keep it short and simple. I guess what I am getting at is if you would like to stay more current with me, follow me on my Instagram account, Zuzoos_Petals. I’ll check out your profile too. It will be fun!


2015-02-20 16.05.35


W is for Word Wall

I have a very stubborn kindergartner. She goes by the name of Ellie. When she started school she had no interest in learning her letter sounds or how to read. At her first parent-teacher conference the teacher told us that if she couldn’t get her letter sounds down, then she would not be able to move forward. I was upset…a little… ok not really. Ellie had only been in school for sixteen days. SIXTEEN DAYS!  Hawaii is on a modified year round school schedule and we had moved in a month or so after they had already started.      No worries…She’ll get this. That was my thought line.

Ellie's first day of school
Ellie’s first day of school

Then I started working with her and it was like pulling teeth. (Well…for me anyways because I gave my parents a really hard time about my teeth.) I knew that somewhere someone had an idea or two that would work for her and me. I went to my trusty friend Pinterest and did a search and I found this awesome site. This person is a wealth of knowledge and ideas. I looked at her literacy development tab and found what I was looking for… a word wall. That is such a great idea and I had some very empty walls that needed color.

Cricut craft room

I grabbed my Cricut, my favorite cartridges (Art Philosophy & Noah’s ABC Animals), and got to work in the Cricut Craft Room.

My Cricut was one of the items I shipped to be here in Hawaii with me. I just knew I was going to NEED it.

I kept it simple and bright. I glued the negative pieces down.


abc flash cards

I went and got them laminated. That was my biggest cost for this project. Before Ellie got home from school, I taped them to the hallway wall. I figured if she is going to walk past it a lot it would soak into her brain.

word wall

It worked better than that. She takes time going down the hall and stops and reads the words we are working on. When she gets a new book with new words, we write them down and tape the under the appropriate letter. She loves this wall and so do I.

word wall ellie 

I am so glad she likes it. I love that she is learning and is still excited about the wall. When I tell her to sound it out, she looks at my face like the letters are on my forehead. Look at the word, sister.


I am thinking I am going to add a set off these to my shop. How would you use them?

 abc collage

When I was making the letter F, I couldn’t help hearing, “What does the fox say?” in my head.

We are well on our way for her to move forward. She is less combative and actually excited to learn how to read. I don’t think I was that difficult 😉 Just kidding.

Not Wonderful: Ellie having no desire to learn how to read.

Wonderful: A word wall that inspires learning and adds to my hallway decor.

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Last Christmas Ward Party

Last Christmas I was asked to help decorate for the ward Christmas party. Lucky for them I was already pinning ideas for the event. I didn’t take process pictures. I was pregnant and missing parts of my mind. My husband thought I was crazy for helping but knew I enjoyed doing it. Thanks for your help babe! I was allowed to do it if I didn’t take too much time, spend too much money, or climb a ladder.
This is my Pinterest board for this party.
SO… here is a series of photos from last year’s party.
I think this was after the floor was cleared. I love that balloon backdrop.
What do you do with big ugly blocks on the wall? You cover them. I used plastic table cloth for the back and some I also used wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.
Everyone really enjoyed the canopy. They said that I had transformed the gym. I had a great time. I will miss working on it this year. We will see what our ward here in Hawaii has in store.
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New Buttons

One of the things about moving to Oahu and it being temporary, we could only bring what we could fit into twelve large pieces of luggage. I brought some fabric and my sewing machine was my carry-on. There are not a lot of places to go to to get the supplies I was getting before (JoAnn and Hobby Lobby). In fact I have decided it is best to just purchase most of my supplies online.
Which brings me to my first dilemma. I was making my own labels because it was cheapest and I could get the supplies easily and quickly. I also left all of my vintage buttons in Michigan. Hmmmm. What to do? Then I saw a website that was offering personalized buttons. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!  I could take care of two birds with one stone. AWESOME!
2013-11-12 16.49.25
Here are my buttons. I love them! I got them from an Etsy store, Girlsfever. They were super quick and very helpful. (They don’t know I am writing this post)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thanks for stopping by!



My husband recently got a job at BYU-Hawaii. We had been praying for a full time job for at least three years. So we were joyful when we were offered this job. The caveat? It’s temporary. Right now we have a one year temporary appointment. It has been a tough road for me to get here and adjust.
But I will manage. I mean, LOOK at that water. Ahhhhh.
The hardest part about moving here was leaving my oldest behind with her father. I miss her more than I had ever imagined. She is dong well with the adjustment and I think she thinks I am on a vacation. She has 1p36 Chromosome Deletion.
I hope you don’t mind me sharing our adventures here. I want to treasure our time here. Not everyone gets this chance.
Plus I brought my business here and will be continuing to create here. I am actually getting ready for a craft fair this weekend. I am joining the Country Sisters for their 20th Annual Craft Fair on the North Shore.
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This Is How I Roll

Tyler was born on April 22, 2013. He was 8lbs 7ozs and 21 inches long. He has been a joy to have in our family. He has also been the easiest baby I have had. He is now two months old and loves to smile.
 The other day I braved the store with all five kiddos on tow. It was a successful trip. I don’t know if I am willing to repeat it anytime soon though.
I have been slowly getting into my new rhythm. I have new fabric and ideas that I want to get out there. So stay tuned to what is to come.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thanks for stopping by!


Ugh…Bed Rest

Last Wednesday I started having preterm labor. I am due April 26th. I went to the hospital and after a shot and an IV I got to go home on meds. Then on Saturday I started having preterm labor again. Grrr… This time they gave me two shots, an IV, and a steroid shot for the baby. I have been on bed rest ever since and IT IS NOT easy for me. I have four kids, stuff that needs to get done and stuff I want to get done (fabric I really want to cut up and sew!) So instead I have listed a bunch of items that I was working on for a Mom to Mom sale I went to in my Etsy store. I can just sit here and do that.
Click picture to see the Jewelry Roll section
 I added six new jewelry rolls. They all feature home decor weight fabric making them more substantial and SNAPS! I know exciting. They have been a request for a while. I think I might have to change the snap style. We will see.
Click picture to take you to that section of my shop.
The next items I listed are Burp Rags. Not just any burp rags though…I call them Over the Shoulder Spit Up Holders. It makes it that much more fun to be messed upon. Maybe. Okay maybe not but they are soft and nice and I spent a lot of time on them.
I hope this baby doesn’t come too soon. I haven’t gotten his bed out yet.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks for stopping by!


Biting My Nails Over Here…

So I am 32 weeks pregnant with baby number five and I am going to enter a sewing competition. I am CRAZY!!! I just feel like I have to do it. I had a great time being a part of the Happy Home Blog Tour I thought why not challenge myself and join a competition. I don’t even know if I will be picked.
I think that this kind of competition will stretch my imagination and encourage me to learn and grow. I am entering my Jewelry roll. It is my design and my number one seller.
I hope that I am chosen. I also hope that if I do get chosen that I don’t go into labor before it’s over. I don’t think that I would. It’s another boy and my last two were late.
WAIT!….I haven’t even begun to get ready for the baby. Oh well. This is more fun!
Thanks for stopping by!Leah
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